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Wood doll houses makes the perfect Christmas and birthday gift

Dolls houses have been around for centuries and still provide many hours, months and years of fun and pleasure for children around the world - they really do make the ideal birthday or Christmas present for a young girl.

The wood-built dolls house has continued to be a popular choice with children - and even some grown ups - despite the emergence of technology and new-fangled toys and gadgets in recent years.

Just consider how many other wooden toys from yesteryear are still popular today - the wooden rocking horse, train set and wooden Advent calendar, for example. These top quality play things really do have eternal appeal.

There’s nothing electronic about a wood doll house - in fact it couldn’t be more natural with its wood construction - but there’s still something captivating about this tried and tested toy which has really stood the test of time.

A doll house can appeal to girls in many age groups. There are simple dolls houses available for toddlers and more elaborate houses available for young children and teenagers.

And the fascination with the dolls house is not something reserved for children. Many adults are dedicated hobbyists who build and furnish dolls house to incredibly high standards. Some dolls houses are real works of art and fetch thousands of pounds at auction.

There are plenty of plastic dolls houses available these days but this site mainly features the wood versions, which are generally more authentic, intricate and realistic. A top quality girls doll house will last for years.

Many of our featured dolls houses come already constructed while others comprise flat-packed dolls house kits which  can be put together on delivery. There are some great deals around for the ‘build-it-yourself’ type of dolls house.

A doll house is great for a child’s development and creativity

A doll’s house is a fantastic item to encourage children to develop their minds through creative role play and allows their imagination to run free - youngsters just love to get involved in furnishing a dolls house and take great pride in decking it out just they way they want it - complete with all the appliances, fittings and accessories found in a ‘real’ home.

You’ll find dozens of lovely crafted doll homes here in a range of styles - Tudor, Victorian, Georgian and vintage dolls houses. We have an extensive range of modern dolls houses at the best prices around from UK stores.

And we also feature an impressive range of furniture for your doll house - so you’ll have no trouble decking your dolls house out with bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom furniture accessories. We even have carpets and doll house lighting products, as well as many other items if you want to expand your doll house, including basements, conservatories, garden sheds and dolls house play mats. Any young girl would be thrilled to have a dolls house with all these furnishings.

And a dolls house wouldn’t be complete without someone to live in it so we also feature a selection of miniature scaled-down dolls house people. These are available as single characters or in family sets including white, black and Asian families. The addition of people to your dolls house helps to make the ‘home-building’ mission even more fun.

A fantastic traditional toy that provides years of fun for children

A dolls house is certainly not an overnight fad which a child will become bored with - many children keep their dolls houses for years, continually furnishing and decorating them, room by room - and when the task is complete, they can start all over again - buying new furniture and changing the room arrangements, just like ‘big people’ do in a real house.

Some dolls houses are very large so you’ll need to take into consideration the space available at your home before buying a dolls house that is too big to accommodate. But if you do have the space, a large dolls house really is the way to go and offers more scope for long-term use and will provide its owner with many hours of pleasure and enjoyment.

This site, however, is purely for young enthusiasts who want to own and furnish a dolls house.

Finding the right dolls house is not easy as there are literally dozens of stores selling them and it can take hours trawling around the different websites.

And that’s where we come in - we’ve taken the hard work out of things and rounded up many of the best houses around - from the cheapest to the more expensive models currently available - this really is a great place to buy a dolls house. The wood-based dolls house is sure to be a big favourite with little girls for years to come.

Prices start at around £20 and rise to more than £200 for top of the range toy dolls houses - so we’re confident you’ll be able to find a doll’s house that suits your budget. A dolls house really is a gift any young girl would treasure.

A dolls house is unsuitable for babies as there is a risk of them putting small pieces of dolls house furniture into their mouths, but most dolls houses are suitable for children aged two and above.

We feature dolls houses from some of the top online home products and toy stores including Amazon, The Toy Shop, Argos, Bouncy Happy People, Ebay, The Imagination Station, Toys R Us, Freemans, True Shopping, Toyday, Boots and Kiddies Kingdom - so you have plenty of great products to take a look at before choosing your ideal doll house.

All our featured stores operate secure shopping facilities so you can buy safely and with confidence from your home.

You’ll find some of the top makes of houses from renowned names such as Chad Valley, Pintoy, Le Toy Van, Mia, Kidkraft, Toy Box, Melissa and Doug, Lundby, Toy Workshop and Hibba.

We can confidently say you won’t find a better dolls house range anywhere and the option to browse by price will help you find the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion or event.

We can make your search for a dolls house a safe and simple online experience so - happy house hunting!   

If you’re searching for a wooden dolls house you won’t find a bigger range than ours - we’ve rounded up the best ones around from the top UK stores.

We can save you hours trawling around dozens of sites looking for a dolls house that makes the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your child.

And we’ve organised our extensive range of dolls houses by price to enable you to find the product that best suits your budget - prices start as cheap as £25 and rise to more than £200 for top of the range products.

Obviously a dolls house needs to be fitted out so we also feature an impressive range of dolls house furniture.     >>  Read more about Dolls Houses below

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